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Transition to Secondary Education


After the familiar surroundings of primary school, the move to secondary school will be both an exciting and perhaps daunting time for both you and your child.


Secondary school is the next stage in your child’s educational journey. Your child will be challenged to learn to their full potential and build pathways for their future careers. They will be in bigger classrooms and will be learning a variety of new subjects from multiple teachers.


To help students adjust, primary and secondary schools work together to ease students through the transition period. Often, secondary students revisit their old primary school to tell Year 6 students what secondary school is like. This can also be taken a step further with the buddy system, where secondary students are teamed up with primary school students and regularly meet face-to-face or communicate by email.


Steps are also taken to prepare children for the different teaching methods of secondary schools. Many primary schools have a team of teachers working with Year 5 and 6 students, so students become familiar with working with a range of teachers rather than just one. Teachers from secondary schools also often visit local primary schools to take small groups for lessons or to talk about secondary school.


To ensure a smooth transition some secondary schools offer learning environments similar to primary schools. These secondary schools often have a designated area for Year 7 students including one large multipurpose classroom. A team of teachers will work with the students rather than individual subject teachers. This allows the students and teachers to become familiar with each other.


Thanks to these transition arrangements between primary and secondary schools, most students settle very quickly into secondary school life.


Orientation days at secondary schools

As part of the transition from Year 6 to Year 7, students in government secondary schools participate in an orientation day. All government schools hold this orientation day on the same day (often the second Tuesday of December). It may include a school tour, meeting fellow students and teachers, and taking part in special lessons and activities.

December 9th - Orientation Day for Year 6 Students


More information

For information on preparing your child for secondary school, see: Welcome to Secondary School

For information on your child’s orientation day, contact your child’s new school.


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